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Power Automate – Repeating items in Teams adaptive cards

Hey folks, today i want to share with you a workaround for the Power Automate Microsoft Teams actions “Post an Adaptive Card to a Teams…

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quickTip: Power Apps select all checkbox

Recently a user from the Power Apps Community asked if there is a way to make a “select all” checkbox in Power Apps? You can…

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SharePoint “erstellt von”- und “geändert von”-Felder mit Power Automate und REST API aktualisieren

english version below Im folgenden Beitrag zeige ich euch, wie Ihr die SharePoint-Felder “Erstellt von”, “Geändert von”, “Erstellt” und “Geändert” per REST API und Power…

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Power Automate: Configure “run after”

There are several moments in Power Automate where unexpected things could happen, like an approval has timed out or send an action has failed. To…

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Hide Power Apps and Power Automate (Flow) in SharePoint Online

Hey folks, today i will show you how you could hide the buttons for Flow (Power Automate) and Power Apps in your SharePoint site. We…

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PowerApps – Updating current Date and Time

Hey folks, in this post i want to show you how you could create an always up to date timestamp within PowerApps. Just follow the…

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Convert classic SharePoint site to modern

If you want to convert your classic SharePoint sites into modern SharePoint sites, there were released a new commandlets to PnP PowerShell which allows you…

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Error: Azure Automation – Runbook fails when using PnP-PowerShell

Recently I worked on a project using Azure Automation Runbooks and PnP-PowerShell (for SharePoint Online) to automate some changes on a SharePoint site. When I…

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